Thing 3

I LOVE StandApp! Thank you!

I’ve been thinking I should do something like this for ages. After days of frustration with the app on my elderly iPad, I loaded it onto my iPod. It works great.

I figured it out while working at home today. Tomorrow is another cold day working from home so I can use it all day…now all I have to figure out is how to work it in when I’m at the office.

Thanks again for having us try this out!

(Also finding that the WordPress app is better than Blogger)


Thing 2

I learned three things with Thing 2:

1) my iPad is old – an iPad2 has limited functionality within iOS7

2) the keyboard can float or be split…who knew?  I thought I would be uninterested as I’ve gotten used to it as is – fixed at the bottom of the screen, but lo, it can be quite handy!

3) I have a flashlight on my iPod Touch (which is much newer – version 6, maybe?)  – hooray!

Many of the things covered on the suggested websites were things I didn’t know anything about when I purchased my iPad (autumn 2011) but have discovered along the way.  I will always wish that Apple had paper manuals; sure you can find answers online, but what if you don’t know the question?


Thing 1

This is the first of 23 Mobile Things … I hope to pick up a few good ideas in the process!

I have a blog on Blogger.  The app is so awful with Blogger I’ve set this one up in WordPress.  It’ll be interesting to see how the apps compare.