Thing 6

I’ve used Docs2Go before, but CloudOn has PowerPoint which, last I checked, was not an option.  So I first tried CoudOn.  Alas, when I went to try a PPT it took forever to load, and then when I tried to play it I was asked to sign in to my iTunes accout. Really? This will be great for Excel and Word but maybe not so much for PPT docs.

So off I went to Quick Office to test PowerPoint. Works great.

Found out PowerPoint is now available in Docs2Go – doesn’t work very well though.

I remember when I first got the iPad there was no way to do a PowerPoint.  Microsoft Office apps never had very good functionality.  It’s great that these things work on mobile devices now.

Truth is, I don’t use my iPad much for work, but I do have some personal documents stored on it.  Quick Office will be handy to have now for those files.


Thing(s) 5

I tried Bamboo and Dragon Dictation.  I like them both.

These will be very handy for when I’m on the go and want to make notes or lists.  I’m a big list person.  I really like the fact that Dragon Dictation spells it all out for me, although I may not always want to be talking to a device, so Bamboo paper will be handy when there is no paper and pen (or when the ink in my pen is frozen and won’t write – really, that’s happened to me).  The drawback is that I can’t always read my writing … but I guess I could work on that 😉

I will start using them for work and for personal use.  When I have an epiphany for a work problem (my random access memory) both of these will come in handy for keeping track of my bright ideas …. for personal use I can keep running lists of movies to watch and books to read in addition to my ongoing grocery list.

There are so many apps and I never browse the app store, so I appreciate the great suggestions that you have on this list – Thanks!


Thing 4

I have had Flipboard for a while, but haven’t opened it in ages. I loaded Zite, told it what I’m interested in and now, Saturday morning opened it up to have a look. An hour later I crawl out of the Zite vortex having enjoyed quirky news missed during the week, cooking and travel tips, and I’ve added to my Amazon wishlist and library holds.

Now I’m wondering if I should look at Flipboard again. Or maybe not. Because I may not get anything done today if I do.

Has RSS has come a long way or have I changed? I think it’s the graphic layout of the feeds that makes it so appealing.

Now I have to grab my laptop to find Niel Gaiman reading Green Eggs and Ham because it didn’t work on the Nexus or iPad…