Thing 6

I’ve used Docs2Go before, but CloudOn has PowerPoint which, last I checked, was not an option.  So I first tried CoudOn.  Alas, when I went to try a PPT it took forever to load, and then when I tried to play it I was asked to sign in to my iTunes accout. Really? This will be great for Excel and Word but maybe not so much for PPT docs.

So off I went to Quick Office to test PowerPoint. Works great.

Found out PowerPoint is now available in Docs2Go – doesn’t work very well though.

I remember when I first got the iPad there was no way to do a PowerPoint.  Microsoft Office apps never had very good functionality.  It’s great that these things work on mobile devices now.

Truth is, I don’t use my iPad much for work, but I do have some personal documents stored on it.  Quick Office will be handy to have now for those files.


One thought on “Thing 6

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