Thing 7

I tried Bitly.  I am intrigued.  While I don’t do much in social media, I can see where this will be useful.  I do pass on links to my kids and some friends via email, so this will bring some of the ridiculously long ones under control.  I like that.  And who knows?  Maybe some day I will be interested in social media.

I do have questions about Pinterest.  I had an account but I cancelled it.  It’s not just that Pinterest is another black hole for time…my big question is about sharing other peoples’ stuff.  It’s impossible to determine provenance of most of the images seen on Pinterest.  How does that work?  Is it legal?  How do the terms of use for Pinterest address copyright and permissions? (No, I’m not going to read the terms of use agreement).

Any comments or input would be greatly appreciated.


One thought on “Thing 7

  1. Yeah, I know: you just said you didn’t want to read Pinterest’s TOS. But consider peeking at it anyway. They offer a casual English translation of the legalese (more sites should do this!). So, on the left side of the page, “These Terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without respect to its conflict of laws principles [goes on for six more lines].” On the right, “The Bay Area is beautiful this time of year. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, that’s what’s so great! Anyway, you’ll have to sue us here.”

    Yeah, can you tell I’m gearing up for Mobile Thing #7?

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