Thing 18

So many great apps on this thing!

I tried “Eat this not that” and was surprised by some of the answers.  The problem is, I don’t eat fast food very often so it has limited use for me.  Actually, I don’t eat out that much at all.

I did download “Ted.”  I had downloaded Ted Books but not the talks – can’t imagine why.  I watched Marla Spivak’s talk right away (it was on my to-do list).

“Khan Academy” is something that I had downloaded already.  This and Ted both have many uses to help students, although because I’m in for-profit education permissable use is limited.

“Art Circles” is another thing I had on my iPad but had forgotten about….so much fun!  How I wish such a thing existed when my children were young!

I also downloaded “Today’s Document” not because I have any use for it but because it fascinates me.  I used to read from a book, “Today in History” to my kids every day and I’m hoping it’s like that – today’s document is the notes from speech in Berlin from 1987 calling on Gorbachov to tear down the Berlin Wall.  When that speech was made no one would have imagined that the wall would really come down so soon.

I would also like to mention that “Coursera” has a very useful app.  It’s great for doing anything in your MOOCs.  And next month a class on Copyright for Educators and Librarians is being offered by Coursera – I’m hoping it’s a worthwhile class.


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