Thing 20

Ah, games.

I was raised on board games and cards.  I am too old to be into video games.  A co-worker told me about Temple Run but it gives me motion sickness.  I was all excited about the Minion game, but alas it is just like Temple Run so same problem.

I do happen to love word games, so I downloaded Word Abacus which is right up my alley 😉

While I agree that games can be good for you, I believe there is a tendency to forget the benefits of moderation.

Starbucks gives out free app cards and I discovered “Blast A Way” for free that way.  I love Sudoku, Spider Solitaire,  Scrabble and a number of others, but I try to limit my screen time per day.

That said, I’m going to go read my paper book now.


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