Thing 21

I listen to podcasts a lot, and while those are traditionally found through iTunes or on websites, a lot of them have stand-alone apps now.

My favorite is The Moth, but I’m not going to endorse The Moth right now.

There’s a website called that now has its own app.  You can easily find it by searching “how things work.”  I really like the app because it is full of stuff for intellectually curious people. It can be used by anyone from the age of eight and above. There are quizes, videos, podcasts and a ton of other stuff.   It can be used by librarians at work (mostly public librarians but not exclusively) or for fun.

I originally learned of the website from an instructor who would send his students to the website to look up info on computer hardware (he taught an intro to computers class).

My love for the website and app has blossomed over the years.

Anyway, I listen to several of the podcasts from this app regularly, and I occasionally look at other stuff too. It’s a great place to find out about Stuff.

So if you love learning about stuff, or if you are constantly looking up stuff for others, this is an app you may want to get to know.


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