Thing 23

  • My thoughts/ideas about apps has not changed particularly in so far as I believe there are an overwhelming number of them and it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.  That said, the project has motivated me to at least poke around and ask around to find things that might be fun and/or useful.  As a result of this project I am sure I will find many more apps that I would have never ventured to look for without having done this project.
  • A few of my favorite things:  StandApp, Zite, CamMe, Instagram, Word Abacus.  These are Things that I now use regularly that I did not know about before (Some Things I use regularly but knew of them before the project).  I’m also excited about Apps Gone Free (no $ risk trials). 
  • I talked with others about the project but not very much.  No one I work with is participating and no one seemed to be getting into it where I volunteer.  I know a couple of knitters who are participating.
  • I am surprised I finished!  I’m surprised so few librarians I know are interested.  I wonder if it’s because everyone feels so overwhelmed by the number of apps out there.  Plus you have situations where they die or disappear – like SpringPad was a Thing and now I’m getting emails that it’s going away.  I’m also surprised that I dislike Android so much and love my iPad (I had loaned it to someone during the project and was soon dismayed that I was working with a Nexus 7).
  • I think you did a good job of finding a wide variety of apps to work with, and I think that is a reasonable goal for a project like this.  I’m delighted with the whole thing – it has broadened my world.  Thanks!
  • Yes, I will participate in another Things in the future – assuming it’s mostly new Things.  Hopefully I will pace myself better next time (I thought I had ’till the end of the month, and then got the email that the deadline was fast approaching!)
  • This was a great way to get me off my duff, looking at new apps and trying new stuff.  Do it again soon – I’m sure I’ll be in another rut in no time!

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